Solid ICF provides residential and commercial projects with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) so you can cut down on construction steps while improving the performance of your walls.

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Are you looking for a way to modulate temperatures, soundproof, and create solid foundations with one simple solution? With Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) from Solid ICF, you can construct commercial and residential buildings with long term benefits. Not only can you improve the performance of your walls, but you can also meet changing energy codes with a net zero product. But you don’t just receive a quality construction material; Solid ICF specializes in ICF blocks, and we pass that knowledge on to you to ensure all problems are addressed to keep costs down. Our warehouse is always in stock, so you can receive your ICF block order as early as a day. We can also support your construction project with rentals and installation services.


Benefits When You
Build With ICF Blocks

3 Built in
Energy-Saving Factors
50% Energy Savings Delivered
300 MPH
4 Hour

Your ICF

Solid ICF Supply Inc. is an Alberta company that provides ICF block materials and sheet insulation for contractors and homeowners who have seen the benefits of building with Insulated Concrete Forms.

Most of the projects we support with our ICF products are custom builds, and unique situations often arise.

As experts in ICF and construction, we can help you find a solution to keep your project on track. Solid ICF is dedicated to providing solid products, services, and support.

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Do you have questions about the benefits of Insulated Concrete Forms or sheet insulation? Do you need some tips on how to properly install ICF blocks? Head to our FAQ page to learn how our products and services can support your construction project.


Building ICF Sturctures & Relations in Central Alberta

"Awesome guys to deal with. Supplied me with blocks many times and have always had good experiences." Jason V.
"All kinds of help with my project and they had all the product on hand, very easy to deal with." Tim V.R.
We have worked with ICF on majority of the builds that we have taken on and think it’s a great product. Matt at Solid ICF has always been very helpful in providing everything that is needed to complete an ICF build and has also been able to provide solutions to complex detail. Borren Builders
We really appreciated the whole process of working with Solid ICF. Matt, Keith, and the crew were awesome from start to finish. Enjoying our solid, quiet, insulated home! Thanks guys! Martin & Gaylene Van de Pol