Insulated Concrete Forms

We carry the Logix line of Insulated Concrete Forms. Logix has a highly versatile product line. Logix has standard core thicknesses in 4”,6 ¼” 8” 10” and has solutions for thicker walls. Each line has “Standard” blocks (16”x48”), “Tapertop” block(16”x48”), 90-degree corner and 45-degree blocks. If other angles are required, they get cut on-site.

In addition, half-height (8” high) blocks and 4” height adjusters are available to provide different wall heights as needed. All blocks are available in the Pro series (White -R 24) and Platinum series(Grey – R27).

In addition, there is a knockdown series where ties are installed on-site and side panels can get interchanged if a specific configuration is needed. The Logix wall system is exceptionally versatile and will excel in any situation. If an additional R-value is required, there are simple solutions that can achieve the R-value required.

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