Insulated Concrete Forms

Logix ICF 

We carry the Logix line of Insulated Concrete Forms.  Logix has an extremely versatile product line.  Logix has standard core thicknesses in 4”,6 ¼” 8” 10” and has solutions for thicker walls.  Each line has “Standard” blocks (16”x48”), “Tapertop” block(16”x48”), 90 degree corner and 45 degree blocks.  If other angles are required they simply get cut on site to fit the situation.  In addition half height (8” high) blocks and 4” height adjusters are available to provide different wall heights as needed.  All blocks are available in both Pro series (White -R 24) and Platinum series(Grey – R27). 

In addition there is a knockdown series where ties are installed on site and side panels can get interchanged if a specific configuration is needed.   The Logix wall system is extremely versatile and will excel in any situation.   If additional R value is required there are simple solutions that can achieve the R value required.