LOGIX Vertical & Horizontal Hooks

LOGIX Vertical & Horizontal Hooks provide a quick and easy alternative to using zip ties, tape or foam adhesive when securing forms together. Some great features of the LOGIX Hooks are that they can be used in any weather and it takes very little effort to install. 


Vertical Hook

Making sure the top course of forms is securely anchored to the course below is an important step in preparation for the pour. The LOGIX Vertical Hook secures the top course from being tipped by workers or bumped out of place by pump hoses. 


Horizontal Hook

The LOGIX Horizontal Hook is used on the first course to ensure a tight joint between LOGIX forms. Using the LOGIX Horizontal Hook on the first course helps maintain the interlocking pattern for the next course and keeps the top course from spreading horizontally during concrete placement.

ICF Accessories 

Zip Ties

Nylon zip ties are used to reinforce LOGIX ICF forms either vertically or horizontally for added stability during concrete placement.

Zip ties come in bags of 50 pieces.

Resisto ICF

Resisto ICF provides waterproofing for your insulated concrete form (ICF) foundations. It is composed of 1 mm thick SBS-modified bitumen and a trilaminate woven polyethylene. The underface is made of a silicone film which is easily detachable.

Sono Tube

This concrete forming tube easily conforms to building codes and can be cut with a utility saw or utility knife.

Weeping Tile

A key part of every proper foundation, a weeping tile system is composed of plastic, porous pipes that drain water away from your home. They are covered with washed rock as well. Socked and Non-Socked are available.

Anchor Bolts

Secure the top plate to the top of ICF walls safely and efficiently with the anchor bolts offered by Solid ICF.

Engineered Lumber

The engineered lumber offered as an accessory to your ICF blocks act as a top plat material and can also be used for window and door bucks.

If you want to learn more about the accessories to support your ICF construction project, contact Solid ICF. We are ready to help you find a solid building solution.