Fastfoot® is a green replacement for lumber and plywood when forming concrete footings.

Fastfoot® is made of high-density polyethylene fabric. A 100’ roll of Fastfoot® forms the same amount of concrete as 1,500 pounds of lumber. It’s significantly less expensive than using dimensional lumber for footing forms. Fastfoot® prevents concrete damage to screed boards and stakes. Your 2x4s and stakes can be reused indefinitely. It adapts to uneven ground and rock. Special coloured width lines allow it to be adjusted to accommodate uneven excavations without the need for additional lumber.

Benefits of Fastfoot

Prevent Concrete Damage

Adapts to Uneven Ground 

Prevents Rising Damp

Strengthen Concrete

If you want to learn more about Fastfoot and how it can benefit your ICF construction project, contact Solid ICF. We are ready to help you find a solid building solution.