Sheet Insulation

Solid ICF has a wide selection of efficient sheet insulation options to meet your project’s specific needs, 

Rigid insulation can be used to insulate any part of your home or construction project. For insulating below concrete floor slabs, Solid ICF has several products that will meet the requirements of your build.  Terrafoam sheet insulation is available in any density you need and is useable in almost any situation. Heat sheet has built in grooves for heat lines to be easily installed. Halo Subterra is also a great option for below slabs or any below grade application 

While we recommend Logix ICF to construct your walls, Halo is designed specifically to eliminate thermal bridging through the studs if your project has wood-framed walls. Both interior (INTERRA)  and exterior (EXTERRA) applications.

3X the insulative properties


Easy to customize size and shapes

No special tools or
equipment required

Takes up less space than
traditional fiberglass