Halo Sheet Insultation

Sheet Insulation for Walls

A wall with ineffective insulation can lead to heat loss, higher heating bills and a less comfortable living space. To combat these challenges, Halo® from Logix offers an Advanced Graphite Insulation System designed to enhance the overall performance of residential or commercial buildings. If you need to insulate wood-framed walls, from below-grade to above-grade, inside and out, Solid ICF has Halo products in stock to support your construction project.


Key Feature of Halo Sheet Insulation

The key feature of the Halo system is its utilization of a high-performance, low-carbon graphite polystyrene (GPS) core. This core is integrated into a range of rigid insulation products, each crafted to cater to specific applications in insulating wood-framed interior or exterior walls, both below and above grade.

Benefits of Halo Sheet Insulation

  • R5 per nominal inch
  • Permanent long-term R-value and won’t deteriorate over time
  • Greater R-values at lower outside temperatures
  • Minimizes the energy loss from thermal bridging
  • Light yet durable 
  • Easy to install with a small construction crew
  • Better indoor air quality thanks to clean steam-fused GPS core
  • 100% recyclable and ozone-friendly — no CFCs or HCFCs

More About Halo

If you are looking for a better insulation solution for your walls, Solid ICF has Halo sheet insulation in stock, ready to be delivered to your site. Contact Solid ICF to learn more about Halo sheet insulation or to get your order in.